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1.What location would be ideal for me to invest in commercial real estate?

A.There are a number of options available in the market, depending upon the size of your requirement the location can be shortlisted.


2.How do I take a loan from the bank?

A.When you go for a loan, you would require a set of documents that would be your IT returns certificate, bank statement, salary slips and Balance sheet if you own a business on base of your income, bank decides your eligibility and sanctions a pre-approved loan.


3.How should I be able to gauge whether the builder will complete the building in time?

A.That can be estimated by having a look at the developers previous projects progress, his position in the financial market and debt condition, and after RERA act, 2016 the developers commitment of delivery is registered with the regulatory, if the developer defaults then a compensation has to be paid to the investors.


4.What if I don't get possession on time?

A.After RERA act, 2016 the developers commitment of delivery is registered with the regulatory, if the developer defaults then a compensation is to be paid to the investors.


5.What about Maintenance charges? Does it change from building to building or is it the same for every locality?

A.The maintenance fees means an annual fee to be paid by the owners/ tenants for the maintenance, repair, operations, and upkeep of the building and its inner open areas,

And it does change building to building depending upon amenities and any repairs work going on in the building.



6.What is the lock-in period?

A. Lock-in period term is used in a lease agreement, this is a period where neither the owner of the property nor the tenant/licensee can be removed from the said premises. 

7.What is stamp duty?

A.Stamp duty is a charge levied for lending legality to a document, it is compulsory to pay stamp duty for every sale and leasing transaction.


8.Is power back up in a commercial building important?

A.Yes, power backup plays a vital role in an event of total power failure.



9.Why should we choose Pacific estates?                                                                 

A.We have 35 years of experience in the real estate industry, we have served 2500+ happy clients,Our Day to day market study helps to identify the current market trends


11.Is it the right time to Invest in real estate? 

A.Yes, due to covid-19 situations the market pricing has been stable and not been rising from quite a time, 

As a case, you can either invest in ready to move projects.


12.How does a sale transaction work?

A.From finalising a property till registering the agreement, we give you total guidance, you can connect to our space expert for detailed conversation


13.What are the Price Trends in Mumbai's  Market?

A. being a diversified and developing location Mumbai has series of options in terms of pricing, however being specific with a particular location can help to know price trends


14.Should I be investing in a Ready to move project or under construction?

A. it totally depends upon your appetite of paying in full or in parts or emi,

Also it depends upon the market reputation of a builder if going for a under construction project


15.Is there any Real Estate Regulatory for Properties in Mumbai?

A.Yes, Real Estate Regulation Act ,2016 is the Regulatory for Mumbai's property transactions


16.What is Carpet area ?

A. in easy terms the space where you can lay your carpet that to wall to wall is called a carpet area


17.What is Built up Area?

A.Built up area includes carpet area, area under the external and internal walls and also utility ducts


18.Should I pay Extra for Car Parking in Any Project?

A.Mostly you need not pay extra for a car park, but it depends case to case.


19.Do you Provide Services Like, Vastu Consultants and Interior Designer?

A.Yes, being in the real estate sector, we do have connections with some great Vastu consultants and Interior designers.


20.How Much is the Maintenance and Property Tax for properties in Mumbai?

A.Residential and Commercial properties differs in terms of maintenance and property tax, it starts from Rs.10-20 per square feet on built up or carpet whatever maybe the cae


21.Are there Any Hidden Cost Apart from property cost?

A.Yes, if you go for under-construction project there might be 4-5 hidden charges and in resale there is mostly Society transfer charge


22.How  Much is the Stamp Duty and Registration Cost?

A.Stamp duty is 5% and registration charges range between Rs.30,000-40,000


23.How Much time do we Require for Full Payment of any property?

A.Mostly the time for payment remains flexible from sellers end


24.When can an agreement be registered?

A.once you have paid full consideration amount you can go forward with the registration part


25.Which Locations offers the best accessibility to Major part of the cities?

A.Western Line is considered as the best location to connect to major parts of the city


26.Daily Groceries,Bank and ATM are how far?

A.if we talk about location like Mira-Bhayander, Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Churchgate these are are in same vicinity


27.What happens if a project gets delayed?

A.after Real Estate Regulation Act,2016 if a developer defaults on time delivery than interest of the paid amount to developer can be extracted


28.Can you help me to select the best Residential/Commercial  Project ?

A.Yes, our market excellence helps you to identify the best location of your need and hot projects


29.Steps for buying/renting a property?

A.Once you finalise a property, you can block it by giving a token amount which can be 5-10% of total value of property or whatever is the understanding. Once you do the full payment of the consideration you can go forward with the registration process, as soon as you get the registered agreement you get the possession in a ready to move property.


30.How much time it takes to complete a sale transaction?

A.It depends on the payment schedule, if you pay in one go you can complete the transaction in 3-5 working days


31.What is an idle size we can invest in?

A.Looking at the market demand of renting a residential or commercial property varies a lot, some locations a small size is hot selling and in some locations big spaces are asked for. 


32.Can I get a mortgage loan on my current property?

A.Yes, if your current property is not under any loan you can get a mortgage to buy another property


33.What is capital appreciation?

A.It means increase in value of you real estate asset, that depends on the market price increase of the asset


34.Are these projects approved by local government authorities?

A.Yes, we believe in crystal clear transactions, we work for only approved or pre-approved projects.


35.What about the tax part on income from properties?

A.We provide guidance on that Tax part as well, We have experts for the taxation part as well, you can connect us over a call.

36.Is buying over renting a good decision?

A.That depends on what rate of return you are paying while renting, if the EMI is bit higher than what rent you are paying that surely you can prefer to buy.


37.Is fractional ownership a good option to invest in?

A.It depends on what kind of investment you are looking for, if you wish for a long term investment it's a good opportunity, but the liquidity part becomes tricky if you want to cash out.


38.Points to be kept in mind to purchase a property?

A.If you are looking for a property then you should keep in mind all major markets, groceries, Banks Atms, Hospitals, Schools, etc. are how far from your residence, if buildings have amenities, age of construction, crowd in the building, connectivity, accessibility to other parts of the city.


39.What happens if I default in Home Loan Payment?

A. As per the RBI guidelines in case the home loan EMI is not paid for more than 90 days, the entire home loan becomes a non-performing asset and the bank may ask you to repay the whole of the home loan amount outstanding.


40.Can a home loan amount be added or decreased once a loan is sanctioned?

A.Yes,the amount of sanctioned loan depending on your financial eligibility can be higher than the disbursement amount. there is a high possibility of the same. You should contact your bank to understand the procedure.


41.How do I calculate the rate of return from a property?

A.There is a basic formula to calculate ROI from a property,

First you need to calculate annual rent received from a property, then deduct all the maintenance and property taxes, the figure you get is said to be your net profit from the asset, now divide it from the price you are/have purchased/purchasing it for,

The percentage you get is your rate of return from the property.


42.How do i find the fair price of any property?

A.You can compare prices of other offices or apartments, find it on reputed online portals or render of last resort consult an experienced real estate consultant.


43.How can Valuation of property be done?

A.In Mumbai valuation of property done by the government is calculated by Ready Reckoner,these rates are the prices of the residential property, land or commercial property for a given area and is published and regulated by the respective state government.


44.What is a FSI?

A.FSI means floor space index, the quotient of the ratio of the combined gross floor area of all floors accepting areas specifically exempted under these Regulations to the total area of the plot.


45.What is a TDR?

A.TDR means transfer of development rights, it is used between government and a developer while doing a plot sale transaction


46.How GST impacts in real estate?

A.GST was introduced on 1st july 2017, it is charged in case of under-construction property and not on ready to move projects or land and plots. In terms of lease residential property rent is exempted but in commercial 18% GST is charged if annual rent is above 20 lakhs in Mumbai.


47.how do I sell my property?

A.In this market of excess supply over demand it's hard to cope up with the competition but there are some things you do to be out of the queue,

You will need to maintain your property by deep cleaning and regular cleaning till it is sold, fresh coat of paint, electrical fixtures to be monitored, pest control if required, then the important part, market trend of pricing, no one wants to look a property pricing too high, just keep a price near to other competitors or low if possible.


48.Is there possible a property fraud that can be done if I go to purchase a resale property?

A.Yes, in this upgrading and modern times it is possible to be assured you can do a search report by any advocate of the said property at agreed charges and find out who the owner is, if the property has any dues or is under any dispute.


49.  Is Investing in a plot good option than other assets?

A.Yes, Plots can give you better returns than other assets, plots have moderately  less supply are limited in extent, also ROI can be 15-20% p.a. Also, developing infrastructure nearby the plot gives capital appreciation.


50. How does Capital Gains tax work in the property market?

A.Capital Gains is levied on land, building,House property,etc.

If you sell any residential property within 24 months of its purchase you are liable to pay short term capital gains on basis of income slab percentage you come in and if you sell a property after 24 months of its purchase then you are liable to pay long term capital gains after deducting exemption under section 54 of income tax act for residential property and section 54EC in case of commercial property with minimum holding period of 3 years.


51.why home loan is a good option?

A.Yes, you can park your surplus money in a real estate asset,

Interest rates in today's market is all time high, ROI is also high, also you get tax benefit under 80C for principal repayment, and for interest repayment under sec.24

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